Together We Can help You Transition to the Life of
Happiness and Abundance You Deserve!!

Call or Email to schedule your FREE Introductory Session Today!

I offer Transition and Personal Development Coaching, Energetic Alignment & Metaphysical Services to help you transition through challenging times and take charge of your life.  I work out of Stratford, Ontario but we can work out a convenience plan if you need me to come your way.  Sessions can also be completed through Skype or on the Phone for most services.

  • Transition and Personal Development Coaching
  • Personal Education Sessions
  • Meditations-Guided and Self Directed
  • Writing and Self Improvement workshops
  • Energetic Alignment-General Energy Work and Work with a Specific Issue
  • Dream Interpretation
  •  Crystal Intuition Work
  • Angel & Oracle Card Readings
  • Wellness Retreat Weekends
  • Motivational Speaking Engagements

I look forward to helping you improve your life!



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